Husband Doesn’t Like My Opinion

Help with model please. I have been interrupting my models now. Before this model would end up with me feeling threatened and I would push my husband to talk about how he is talking to me etc. Let’s figure this out which never worked.

C “If you don’t like my opinion you can just be with someone else” was said by my husband to me.
T Why can’t I have a different opinion?
F Concern
A Reflect on why he would say this. Curious and in my thoughts stepping back and saying to myself “It is his manual” Decide not to “worry”. Don’t believe his statement to be the truth. Do not say anything more.
R Even though I would like to have my opinion respected the result is best that I have a mature emotional response, not a child emotional response, so that I do not suffer with trying to change my husband’s manual.

Thank you so much, coach!