Husband drinking again

My husband and I were BIG overdrinkers for years. I quit Jan 1 ’19 as an experiment and stuck with it. He decided to quit this spring after our 5 year old expressed concern about how much he drinks. He made it 90+ days. Sober, he said he felt better, slept better and was much easier to be around. When George Floyd was killed (we live in Mpls, intense experience) he started again. He got moody, angry, critical and sarcastic all over again. (I realized I didn’t like my behavior when I was overdrinking either which is why I have not started again).

He talks daily about how he wants to stop again but his drinking is escalating.

When I try to talk to him about this, he gets angry and defensive, aggressively pointing out whatever he thinks I’m doing wrong.
He can do what he wants, I just don’t enjoy being around him after he’s had more than 1 drink.

C: Husband drinking alcohol
T: I’m so sick of living with Drinking Mike.
F: Anger
A: Ignore him, avoid him or get passive aggressive. Try to be around him as little as possible.
R: Further distance, more resentment as I’m doing all house/kid/pet work while he sulks, drinks, acts out and works out after work.
Essentially do not live with him after he’s had 2+ drinks.

Not sure how to proceed.