husband driving me crazy

Hi, I have been having trouble dealing with my husband lately, mainly how he acts around our 3 kids. He’s very jumpy and reacts to loud noises or sudden movements which happens fairly constantly with 3 young kids. He’s always sort of doing these sudden sighs (kind of like if someone comes up behind you and says ‘boo’) and then gets irritated with the kids for whatever they’re doing. I feel like he’s always irritable and getting on to them for doing normal kid stuff. His patience has dramatically decreased over the past 6 mo. In response, I find myself holding my breath, walking on eggshells, trying to not make things worse. I try to act as a buffer between him and the kids. I overcompensate by acting extremely calm. I feel tense all the time and get irritated with him easily. I hate that our home feels tense and not a happy environment for my sweet kiddos. I also sometimes try to just take over all of the child care so my husband can do his own things and hopefully he’ll be less irritable/grumpy but then I feel resentful that I have to do everything alone. I know this is a lot…would appreciate any advice. thanks!