Husband dying

Asking for the best resources for my brain during this time. My husband of 23 years is dying of Rhabdomyolysis and I have him at home. I have never been with someone at the end of their life and of course, I am in much fear of the very near future. We live here in Southern California and there are zero beds for someone needing care right now. He was in the ER 2 weeks ago at the beginning of this last wave of Covid and after 12 hours they called me to come to get him. “The ER doctor told me “there is nowhere I can send him where he would be safe from Covid ..even if I had a bed, he would never survive Covid” My mind is calm..I’ve been a Scholar for a long time and believe in the power of my mind and thoughts. I am preparing myself for dealing with him dying and I will be alone..I would appreciate any resources that may help me. Thank you..