Husband Follows Cleaning Lead!!!

This is amazing so i want to share with others. My husband and I fight about his clutter and inability to get rid of anything. When I ask he gets defensive and mean to me. It really pushes a button so I have let go of it. When i joined scholars this month I was sooooo scared that I had to clean and encourage family to help so I told him. He said you can do your homework . Just know every item you plan to ask me the 3 questions to is YES! Then he had an anger ouburst and said derogatory stuff about my self-awareness interest and I was just going to quit so as not to ruin my marriage. Interestingly I decided I could probaby find more of my things to part with despite already being a minimalist to counterbalance his overly abundant crap everywhere. I found more and was so hsppy. He has been watching the process. I came home from work yesterday and he met me in garage and said ” now dont get all excited but guess what i did this morning? I cleaned part of the office and got rid of a lot of papers. Dont expect me to do it again”. I was neutral and said OK and that was it. I just got home today and though he said nothing about it he has cleared out some cloths from our closet and put them in the rag pile. This is amazing. I hope it inspires someone that there might be hope for them too if they stay focused on just doing their own work and letting others observe. Thank you SCS! I love you all!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️