Husband forgot to give medication to son

Hi coaches!
This morning my husband realized he had forgotten to give our son his medication for ADHD before he went to school. I had a lot of unintentional thoughts about this which resulted in me feeling annoyed – he always forgets things, I can’t be responsible for remembering everything, now our son will have a terrible day at school, his teachers will think we are disorganized, I should have checked.
Here is my UIM with one of the thoughts (I think I might have interrupted this model as I observed my own feelings and didn’t want to act on them):
C: Husband says he forgot to give our son his ADHD medication this morning (in text message).
T: My husband always forgets things
F: Annoyed
A: Text message to husband – Asked what he is going to do about it (he said he couldn’t do anything as he had a meeting to go to); continued to feel annoyed; emailed teachers to let them know; decided not to respond to husband further as I wanted to say ‘you need to have a system in place etc etc’; sat down and did thought download
R: ? interrupted model so now switched to IM? Normally would be tension in relationship as I had said not very kind things to husband and continued to feel miserable

C: Same
T: It’s easy to forget things in the rush of school mornings
F: Understanding
A: Come up with a plan together to help remember the medication
R: Feel connected with husband

How does that sound?