Husband has $10,000 in business credit card debt

My husband started a side business 2 years ago and he spends more than he takes in. This affects me because we have to pay back a credit card with our joint personal money. I can understand if it were just his money but it’s joint, and I feel like he’s spending more than he’s selling. He’s not really selling at all right now, does a lot of procrastinating.

I know this is all his model but how about when it affects my money as well? I don’t want to pay interest on this card. I don’t want to use all of our savings to repay this card back. What about when HIS actions are about money we share?

C – Husband has $10K in business credit card debt on a 0% card, the 0% expires June 26
T – We can’t ever pay this off by then.
F – Anxious
A – Irritated with husband
R – I don’t want to spend anymore of our money on his business.