husband interaction

Husband says lots of negative stuff, this C below was the last one. He comments without invitation, even when seemingly in a ‘good’ mood. I have done models, and I understand that i only control my thoughts and my actions. I am trying to get clear on whether I have really processed the emotion, or was I resisting it in some way, or am just in touch with what is important to me? And that is a mutually respectful relationship based on kindness and respect. . ” Is there another boundary that I might have set?
C: He says: I feel sad that you have wasted the last 20 years of your life
T: I don’t like to be spoken to in this manner
F: angry.
A: I let him know that this besides not being true is a mean thing to say. And that I was not going discuss this topic further. I continued with my dinner preparations, affirmed to myself that I cannot control what he thinks or says.
R: I respect myself.