Husband is the circumstance

My husband has struggled from a brain injury since before we were married.  I thought we would marry, seek doctors, treatments and move on with our lives, but that’s not the case.  We are struggling and I am struggling.

C: Husband physically and mentally ill
T: If he stays this way forever I will not be able to have the kind of life/marriage I want
T: My future looks bleak
F: Fear
A: Search for solutions, worry, focus on problem, neglect me
R: I get spun out and spend my time worrying about a future that may or may not happen.

Next model.

C: I have no children and no house to raise them in
T: There is no plan for my future and without a plan
T: I may never have children or a home
F: anxious
A: I consider leaving, I draw away from husband, I try to imagine different scenarios to keep myself feeling safe
R: I create more anxiousness and I create distance from my husband.  I worry about my future being out of control.