***Husband "Issues" ***

So my husband is the clear provider in my household. He makes the high multiple six-figures, but his job is stressful and contracted yearly—so truly we never know what the following year will look like.
We had been mulling over renovating our house the past few weeks – this weekend we created a plan.
Sunday rolled around and for some reason he didn’t like how I answered him and proceeded to be pissed off all until this am.

Where now renovating makes no sense—–in order for us to maintain our lifestyle he needs to bring in this kind of money and that’s not a given….and since my job is a dead end job making minimal money and I haven’t been able to get my coaching business off the ground in the last 3 years and I can do that any where.

Meanwhile I took this job so he could advance his career.
He really diminished my efforts and made me feel horrible. I don’t want him to have to stress and worry about making this kind of money just because of me.

c – husband
t – Since I am not making at least 100K he is working harder and stressing more
f – depressed
a- sit in a funk and try to figure out what to do
r – not on my way to making 100k

Now I know that I always need to allow these feelings….which I normally don’t do that because its harder to pull out of it.

c- husband
t- I need to focus more than ever on bringing in 100K this year, to reduce his stress and worry and mine.
a- get to work to create more value – make more offers – make adjustments where needed in my biz – focus on daily belief work
r – it’s happening

I like this IM model but I doesn’t feel 100% right—–it doesn’t give me that jump out of my seat feeling.