Husband just had emergency appendectomy and my manual says he should be communicating differently

Last night my husband had emergency surgery to remove his appendix and today because after I picked him up from the hospital he thanked me, headed inside, and went to his office. I could hear him taking meetings and otherwise partially resuming activity, all without really reviewing or communicating expectations of what he’d do or what he’d need from me.

He finally slacked me a “can we catch up soonish” message and I dropped what I was doing at work only to see his back as he left the house to take a walk. I got pissed, and I yelled at him and he yelled back. I should simply have asked him whatever questions I have. What he doesn’t need for recovery is heated conversations.

And now I feel like absolute shit because I know my thoughts led me to my actions but I’m having a terrible time thinking beyond the hurt and scared feelings.