Husband Keeps Ruining My Wine Glasses Part II

I’m not drunk… I promises. Just keep hitting wrong button. C: husband out wine glasses in dishwasher. T: I can’t believe he did this to me again. Why can’t I have a few nice glasses. I can’t have nice things without him ruining them. He doesn’t respect my things. F: Pissed off. A: yell at him and get in fight about it. Not speaking during Thanksgiving dinner. Just give in and forget about having decent things. R: I’m not allowing myself to have nice things anymore. …….I have this model, but it feels wrong to me. I want to have nice things and by just saying he is who he is and will always wreck my stuff feels like he just gets to disrespect my wishes and I’m supposed to just love him for who he is. Feels like my wishes and preferences just get squashed and in the end I’m unhappy.