Husband Kids oh my

So I’m looking to get my power back.

I’ve made huge gains in Scholars and this one is persistent.

My husband has 4 grown kids and then two little ones with me.

The older kids hardly speak with him anymore.

I saw this early on in my relationship without him, They called him if they needed something.

Their mom is very wealthy and they have no idea what our net income is – they make an assumption because of my job title that I must make very little (which is not the case).

It makes me sad. And in some weird way I believe that if they did know what we had they would call us more. Now… I don’t want that, but in a weird way I do.

I was speaking with him about this tonight, if he is bothered by it, and he said he was he feels like he is an important feature of their day to day life, and they feature much more in their mother’s life.

Now, if he reached out to them one of them is cordial, two are non responsive and the 4th asks why he is calling.

All I want is to be at peace with what is. And just to enjoy my life.

I’m going to start this model with what I do want as the C. I added presence because it is more measurable for me. But I like the word power because the is what feels depleted.

C – power and presence
T- there is something wrong here (kids shouldn’t be this way with their dad)
F – guts tight
A – ruminate
R – depleted and drained

Intentional Model (I started with the feeling)

C – power and presence
T – even though I don’t like it, I Can feel it all
F – connection in my
body clarity in mind
A – act on my goals be with people who are aligned with me,
R – more connection more presence more support, better community