Husband -LD

My husband has a few days away planned with a male friend of his to go fishing. He told me today that the friend has backed out due to an injury and a female friend of his and her parents (who he has been away with before) is going to go instead. He is very good friends with this lady and has been for about 10 years, I know her too and they have a lot in common. I have been with my husband 20 years and have never had any reason to mistrust him, but she is into stuff he is into like country music, farming, horses etc which is not stuff that really interests me. Myself and our daughter cant go as our dog just had 7 puppies 🙂 so we needed to stay back to look after them. I have had issues in the past about the friendship between them however there has never been any reason for me to be insecure regarding it. It is just that she is female and tom boyish that he and her get a long so well, into horses, camping, fishing etc. I am feeling a bit pissed off right now: My current model is
C: Husband going away
T: This was planned all along
F: betrayed
A: act standoffish toward my husband, go quiet (when I am always usually loud and joking), become bitch
R: Husband plans more trips away

I don’t feel as though my result is proving my thought, as if it is then in this circumstance, he did plan the trip with her and the male friend was just a smoke screen. Are you able to help me to better understand this unintentional model. If my thought “this was planned all along”is proved right then he was misleading me (hope I am making sense!)

I would like my intentional model to be
C: Husband going away
T: It doesn’t matter who he goes with because I trust him (or should this be two different models ie I trust him the second model??)
F: neutral
A: Normal
R: I trust my husband and he is a human doing human things like going away with friends

I would appreciate some feedback
Love you and all you do