Husband makes it harder

Context :
I’m a full time successful Life Coach.
My husband does all of my “back end”’work and website billing admin etc.
When I do videos he will forget to have links for me.
He will miss deadlines.
Honestly if I could afford it he wouldn’t do my admin work. I’m grateful he can do this for me because for now my business can’t support a full time web support admin person.
My goal is to change that.
I intend to make $250K this year and with that more decisions will be available to me
The model and the question:
I currently think he makes it harder for me to make money which I know isn’t helpful when I do the model on that thought I don’t become helpful in making me money
So I need assistance with how to process the C-
C = late videos, missing links and missed deadlines.
These are facts.
How do I ladder my thoughts about this so I don’t create the very result I’m blaming him for?