Husband Manual

Hi Brooke,
Loving the relationship piece of your work. I realized doing the homework today that I have a 1000 page manual for my poor husband! And there is no room for love at all. Just a little section from my manual:
C- My husband walks around in our little town without a shirt.
Thought – This is embarrassing – A 60 year old man should wear a shirt. Older people should not call attention to themselves – they are past it.
Feeling – Shame, embarrassment
Action – Shame him, insult him, walk ahead of him.
R- Feel terrible
C- My husband walks around town without shirt
T- It’s OK to be flamboyant when you are older
F- Peace, enjoy being with him.
R- Good relatioship
I still am confused on what result proves. Can you clear that up for me.