Husband , Me and Self Love

Brooke’s live call with the scholar and her fire fighter captain husband and what she was realizing was so great for me. Same with the woman who is about to undergo preventative surgery.

The message – love myself first.

I found myself this morning speaking smack … and I asked myself, kindly, is that really helping me?

There was love for myself and love for the voice. And I could feel the love in that berating voice and the fear that resides there, and its (the voice which is also my) desire for myself to live my best life.

I could then see something more in my husband, and how many belief patterns I have stem from the source of that (berating) voice. So it is true that he is perfect for me and my work for right now …. and all the thoughts that our relationship has exposed.

So it really has been me making myself miserable, not my husband, nor his approach to money, nor his approach to health nor his………..(fill in the blank).

Man it has been a hard fought battle. And one that I can now “put down the weapons”. The voice (as I call it) is me. And it is Love. Now I get to hold it and hug it and give it the care it is actually asking for. And in doing so, I can feel my whole being relax, settle,

There is also a clarity and an incisiveness to the voice. So I don’t want to drown it out, I want to hear it, and learn from it. And even in this short time (I listened to the call yesterday and have been practicing since then) the voice and my response to it is different.

Thank you Scholars.

This work is the bomb.


It has been a hard won battle in many ways, to get to this place where I was as I listened to the call recording yesterday.

And then They spoke about