Husband – Mother In Law

I have a belief system that we will unconditionally help our parents and in-laws financially as they are our parents and we are in a better position than where we were as kids. But the issue comes when my mother-in-law brings other family members’ needs to my husband. It ranges from his niece/nephews needing a laptop, cameras, college fee to loaning money to her siblings children so that we can earn interesting the loaned money ( her intention is good but I don’t like to give away money to family members as debt as we burned on few occasions) my husband simply doesn’t know how to say ” no”. When I try to discuss with him he gets annoyed and doesn’t like my reasoning and says ” I don’t care even if they don’t give it back … it is just 15-20 K)… bottom line: that is our combined income and it makes me upset that he doesn’t see the point. He is a generous person in general and a people pleaser and willing to go beyond to help others. While we still have debt (but working ) for his dental school loan (250k) he helped one of his friends financially to get through the school and when he is returning the money with the interest (his friend is aware that he has debt and helping him at that expense) he refuses to take any interest after 3 yrs of loaning him a sizable amount of money. As much as I admire his generosity at times I don’t agree with him as I am tending to believe people started taking advantage of him. We personally don’t have any issues with how we manage our finances. Single account and responsible spending with good discipline and savings. But I just don’t like the idea of my mother in law keep bringing others’ needs to his attention. He is getting ready to loan a sizable amount of money to his cousins who are running a business and not able to pay loan payments. He thinks he needs to be loyal to his family. Any words of wisdom to find peace with this is appreciated.