husband not telling the truth

I wrote a couple weeks ago about my husband not telling the truth to his supervisor about why he needed to leave early, etc. I said I wasn’t really affected by it (his white lies) . . .which I wasn’t. However, the reason why I have been affected by things like that in the past is because it’s also meant he’s told white lies to me. Which I just found out that he did. We had agreed (I thought) that he wouldn’t do anything with his IRA money (because he had bought wheat with it without us talking over our money plan) until we could both look at it from a calm spot. A couple of weeks ago, he was looking up the price of wheat in front of me . . .so I asked him if he still had it. He said no. Tonight, my Dad asked him if he still had it and he said yes. I said, “you had told me you didn’t have it.” He went on to do his usual . . .trying to cover, etc and say oh, I have a portion of it. I about killed him with daggar looks. And couldn’t help but have the first reaction of . . .I fucking hate you. I know, dramatic, but true. The other piece is we just spent a couple hours today going over our finances. I have let him take care of a lot of them. When things like this happen, it makes me think our money talk was for shit and I can’t trust him. I want to respond and not react to him when I have a chance to talk to him later. What would be a better tactic than to say, “you’re a fucking liar?” LOL . . kind of !