Husband on prostitute site

C = received an email that revealed dialogue with my husband and a woman ; email had picture of my husband on a secrets with benefits site to talk to women
T = how could he betray me…I dont have the marriage I thought I had. How could I believe in love again. Now this is why we haven’t been having sex.
F= shredded emotionally, foolish, played for a fool
A = now decide whether to divorce AGAIN or stay…..

that’s the logical intellectual model
the unintentional model
This is some bullshit. Day 3 into the new year and this is what I get. I feel invisible and unattractive. Why doesn’t he want me sexually? I’m already struggling with my body image and now this blow feels like it will take me under

The specific help I want…..(1) how to separate HIS bullshit A line from what I make it mean about me (2) processing emotions (3) is this work for a coach or a therapist
thanks in advance for your help