Husband resistant to my Monday hour one

My husband is also my business partner. This week I implemented Monday Hour One. I love it and know that it has the potential to make my life so much easier/ more productive.

The problem I’m having is my husband. He has worked for himself for 15 years and is very proud of being able to just do whatever whenever he wants.

We share an office and during my focus time he’ll come in and turn on the TV, talk on the phone, etc. Yesterday I dealt with this by grabbing my laptop and working in our treatment room which is not ideal but it worked. But there are things we need to do together, like go to home Depot to pick out some things for the house.

I want to add it to the schedule and his response is just we’ll see. Maybe he can do it that day, but can’t say what time of day. He is a stock trader and some days he has to be glued to his computer and some days he has nothing to do, it’s hard to predict. If it’s outside of trading hours and it’s good golf weather, then he’ll do that instead of our Home Depot trip.