Husband Salary – Model Help – christina CTE

My husband recently had a review with his employer. There has been a massive amount of change (re: people quitting) recently and he had a lot of opportunity as a senior employee to ask for a big increase in his salary.

His employer asked him how much of an increase he wanted – so – he had to say the number first. He used the rear-view-mirror mentality (the most he has received is a 15% increase – this happened once – other times it’s usually 3-5%). So, his way of asking for a big increase was to look backward and say that he wanted something like the 15%.

The CEO reviewed his request and later that day approved a 15% increase. He was thrilled. I swallowed MOST of my thoughts and feelings and did my best to show up and be happy he was happy.

That said, I’m certain ( thought, I know) that he left money on the table. He’s the most senior member of the company (besides the CEO), and could have easily gotten 20-25%. But, he told himself that was not possible. ZERO possibility.

I did my thought work on it and the best intentional model I could come up with was:

C Husband received 15% Raise
T I’m thankful he has a job he enjoys and is happy with his new compensation
F content
A only give him positive feedback about raise
R avoid an argument and celebrate his new compensation

I’m like 90% all-in with this model. The old thought of “he left a lot of money on the table” is creeping in and i’m replacing it with my intentional thought. Any other advice of what I could do here? Did I handle it right?

Also, I’m trying to really REALLY remember that it’s not my job/place/right thing to coach him on his money beliefs. But, it sure is tempting!!