Husband Salary – Part 2 – christina

Here was your response and my answers to your questions:

So what, if he left money on the table? What are you making it mean about him?
– My thoughts: that more money would be better for our family, for our life. We would have more freedom. The deeper thought here is… more money=happier life.
– He believes that not having a Masters degree means he can’t make as much money as others in his industry. I believe that has nothing to do with it. I think it would be amazing for him to see that his value isn’t related to his degree.
-These questions, I see, are showing that I guess I have Manual for how much money he should earn.

What are your beliefs about money? And do you think they are better than his?
– Bingo! Yes, I think that I see that he could make double or triple what he makes now and that would be better for everyone. I think it would be better because having more money makes life easier… I’m working on my own business & money goal for this year and I see that perhaps… I need to ‘stay in my own lane!’

What if – his money beliefs are the perfect beliefs for him to have?
– I like this thought a lot. I get to love him and let him be who he is. Sometimes he DOES ask for my advice re: income/work/how to handle reviews etc. How would you suggest I respond without putting my own agenda on him?

Thanks so much – this really helps.