Husband says he sees the writing on the wall

Yesterday my husband’s manager was fired and sent my husband a text telling him to watch his back.
This morning my husband who has worked for the same employer for 35 years told me “I see the writing on the wall. I have not had a raise in 8 years. My co-worker and I are planning our exit strategy.”

What I heard next sounded like he was considering getting a job at his fitness center. The average age of the staff is probably 22. My husband is 62 and loves working out, running marathons, riding his expensive bike, etc.. What I said next was not helpful, but I said it: “People our age don’t work at Planet Fitness (a fitness center).”

I want to show up as supportive.

I am leaving my job at the end of the month but I have a job offer that I intend to take, so I know we can pay our bills.

C – Husband says he sees the writing on the wall
T – He has stayed at a job for 35 years that he does not like, this is real
F – Fear
A – Ask what he wants to do
R – I feel unsettled and unsure about how to support him and show up for him