Husband – social filter

Hello, I would like some assistance please with my model and my husband’s lack of a social filter. For a little bit of background: He is on medication for depression. One of the side effects of this medication is sometime people can have diminished inhibitions.
For e,g, when we are out walking or at the shops, my husband will just go up to people and start chatting to them. He will just say, not inappropriate things but just be over enthusiastic, perhaps it will be with what someone is wearing, something they are selling in a shop. He does this just as we are walking by someone. He will keep chatting even when they clearly don’t want to engage. I get frustrated and embarrassed. I try to pull him away and be tactful. However, this is not serving me. I have tried to put this into a model. I need practice with my models, so would like some assistance with this one please.

C – Husband diminished social filter
T – Oh god, here we go. This is embarrassing, we are all uncomfortable. It’s so inappropriate. I worry one day someone will react in a very negative way to him.
F – embarrassed
A – Tell him to stop, try to explain they don’t want to talk , try to move him on.
R – We both get upset, he doesn’t understand. He thinks I am not being friendly.

C – Husbands diminished social filter
T – Here he goes, it’s okay, its the medication, he can’t help it. It doesn’t really matter.
F – Sympathy (not sure if I like this feeling)
A – Just smile. Tell myself its actually okay.
R – Move on. Don’t think about it. Feel okay about him

I am not sure I like this intentional model, as I  don’t truly believe it. So can you please offer me some other suggestions? I need to find thoughts that do serve me.
Thanks in advance.