Husband talks negative

Good morning! I need help with my thoughts about my husband. He has a lot going on at work. He comes home very stressed, pours a drink and sits down or goes outside. I stay home. I work from home. I have 2 children that are home with me. The oldest is on the spectrum. Sometimes we have good days. Sometimes it’s harder. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from the time management & Monday hour one lessons. Although, it is still hard to juggle all the things while he’s at work. I don’t get any help from him when he gets home. He’s ready for a drink, a hot meal then bed. Well, I am too but I don’t do that. He often rants about his day or yells at the kids when they are being joyful. I don’t agree with his discipline. He doesn’t have much to do with the kids and when he does it’s harsh. He doesn’t have much to do with me and when he does, he’s harsh. It’s like he has this negative cloud over him that he likes to stay in. It makes it hard to be around him. I just end up wanting to remove my kids and myself from his environment. It hurts my kids. It hurts me. I don’t know how to think about this.