Husband thinks he’s creating connections but he’s infringing on my time

My husband and I spend less time together than we did this time last year. It’s because of our work schedules and we each have a side business we’re building. I have expressed that we need to be more mindful of our time together. We both seem to find time for other people and things, but we’re becoming an after thought to each other.

The issue right now is that because he was home late from work, he said he would get up with me and go for a walk tomorrow morning. But I use that time to do my walking meditation and listen to podcasts. It’s my time. And although I’m grateful he suggested it, I don’t want to change my routine. But I suspect if I say something then he will probably throw it in my face and use it as an excuse to never suggest anything again.

The same is true for sex. He wakes me up in the middle of the night when I’ve asked him not to and then tells me how I reject him. Its like he’s setting me up to reject him so he can use it as an excuse to not put in real effort.

Not sure how to handle the situation.