Husband trouble

I may have several questions rolled into one.

My husband is a wonderful man and a good father. Sometimes I feel we are now very good friends as we have no intimacy between us. We give each other a peck once a day and occasional hug.

He has been a stay at home dad but working on a project from home. The project is supposed to be a sales training business that he has been working on for at least 5 years. There is no movement or income. I’m the only breadwinner and feeling very stressed about my situation.

He lost his mother recently and has since inherited some money. All the money he inherited would not cover our debt. Not counting my student loans it may barely act as a rainy day fund. He has now purchased two cars. He is talking about a home remodel and possibly buying another house. He does not communicate well but I know I’m not good at it either. I made a request that if wants the remodel or buy a new home, I would like to see some income on his end.

I’m taking a deep breath. Please help me sort my troubles out. I’m having a terrible time.

Thank you.