Husband Unemployed

My husband was unemployed for 9 months. Finally got hired. Then that company let him go in only 6 weeks. I’m terrified. Although he blames them, I am worried that maybe he is the problem. I’m terrified that we will have to go another 9 months without him in a job. I’m worried about his mindset. I’m worried about our future. I know these thoughts are not serving me. I know I can simply choose a new thought. But really struggling right now.

C – Husband unemployed
T – What if this is a bigger problem?
F – Fear
A – Spiral in my head, avoid him, don’t act in a loving, supportive way toward him
R – I am creating a problem in my relationship on top of the problem of unemployment

Possible new thoughts could be:
There must be a reason for this
Everything will be OK

I could really use some help.