Husband Wants to Take Short Cuts

My husband works long hours at his job to get ahead financially. Getting more and more money is important to him. I think it is how he defines success.

I have told him the long hours affect me and our sons and we would prefer him home but I understand his motivations.  But I feel it affects us with things like trying to get jobs done around the house.

We needed to take up some tiles due to a leaking pipe. I try and do most things around the house but didn’t have the physical strength for this job. He was frustrated and annoyed I was bugging him to do the job because he would rather spend his time and energy at work. He said he would just take up a few and that would do. To me that’s not doing the job properly. The waterproofer who was coming in to do the job once the tiles were up told us all of them needed to come up, not just a few.

I get frustrated when my husband cuts corners and doesn’t put in a full effort in our house when I know he puts in a full effort at work.