Husband Wife Retirement

My husband and I have been away from our daily “jobs” for 4 years now and in the process of finding “what’s next” in our lives. We have had many many discussions about the idea that we will find the one thing we enjoyed doing together and loving all of it: being together, working together, exploring together. So when I came across SCS and The Life Coach School, I became hooked and fell in love with its offerings and philosophy. I then decided to sign up for certification for this coming August. Now I’m scared to death on many levels. Can I do this? Who am I fooling? Will I be good enough? But most of all, I’m afraid that in a weird sense that I’m leaving my husband because I’m doing something on my own. I feel a little sad and lonely over this. I’m afraid he won’t feel loved. It’s aching my soul since I signed up – so much so that I had to ask this question. I haven’t even started SCS yet (Monday) but I’m in a knot. I know someone there must know what I feel…. Thoughts?