Husband with Anxiety

I have a sweet husband who has anxiety and an autoimmune illness. I imagine they are parts to the same whole in his overall health. Up until this point, he’s been in charge of working and providing financially, and I’ve been home with the kids. He’s started his own business, and while he was starting it, we went without income for four years. This last year, he’s starting bringing home a paycheck (after a very straightforward conversation when I told him I was going to get a job), but it was repayment for a loan to his company and paychecks end this month. Since that conversation I mentioned, I’ve started my interior design business, and it’s starting to take off. My husband is hesitant to make plans to fill the income void next month and I want to spend more time with my company so I can provide for the family. He also is feeling too anxious to commit to watching the kids while I work. To me, it makes sense for me to work. It also makes sense for me to do whatever it takes to provide for my kids. My question is twofold, 1- is it being untrusting or overbearing of me to proactively avoid a precarious financial situation (I don’t want to disempower him or be anxiety driven myself) and 2- how can I preserve a feeling of teamwork/intimacy when I feel like his anxiety is debilitating to him to the point that he can’t problem solve with me?