My husband won’t follow our budget.

This has been happening for YEARS. We make a budget, he doesn’t follow it. Before scs I was crazy and would scream and yell every time he went to the gas station because I was coming from a place of scarcity. Now I don’t. I just ignore it and our marriage has been much better. But I really want to get out of debt and get our money under control. He want to also (so he says) but he won’t stop spending. I don’t see the point in even making a budget or trying to get out of debt because he spends every penny we have. What do I do?
C: he spends more money that he has agreed to spend
R: he is sticking to the budget
What do my thoughts and feelings need to be in order to get this result?
It doesn’t sound like it in this, but I’m am doing so much better at not being mad it him and changing my thoughts and feelings, but we Still aren’t getting the result we want.