Husband won’t share Inheritance

My husband recently received inheritance from his father passing. I understand it is HIS father. But he was my father in law, and we are married after all. We share bills /expenses.

Why wouldn’t he share with me? And I don’t think I’m entitled to a large sum or anything like that. (I mean it would be nice if he would contribute to 21k for coach cert, lol) but this cheap SOB hasn’t even shared a dollar. Not even a dollar ! He paid off all of HIS debt (must be nice), meanwhile nothing to mine. Zilch.

C-husband received inheritance.
T- he’s such a selfish dick to not share with his wife.
F- annoyed/ appalled
A- tell him he’s cheap, avoid him, give him the cold shoulder.
R- nothing positive. It just leaves me feeling angry and not attracted to him.

I don’t think I want to change my thought though – so I feel stuck. I think my thought of him being a selfish dick is accurate in this circumstance.