Husband’s Anger (C)

Hi Brook,
I’m a diamond member that has not been doing the program for a few months and am getting back in the swing of things.

A current concern is that my husband gets angry frequently. Hes not following my manual at all:). I get anxious trying to prevent his anger and will do or say almost anything to get him to stop being angry. We have a young son and i get particularly upset when the anger is directed atvour boy. I recognize that his anger is not my problem and want get off the roller coaster i put myself on while emotionally protecting myself and our son.

Here are 2 models:

C: husband gets angry
T: oh, no. What a jerk.
F: angry, resentful & anxious
A: jump theough hoops to keep him out of or get him out of anger
R: believe he’s a jerk because im working so hard to keep him happy

C: Husband gets angry
T: He’s entitled to his feelings
F: calm
A: let him be
R: he has his feeling and i’m ok

I’m not totally buying the second one. I believe mentally it but don’t feel it. I would appreciate any suggestions or ladder thoughts.

Next up, stop overeating and overdrinking.

Thanks in advance