Husband’s depression over recent life events

Brooke– In the last couple of months, my husband has found out his mother is dying from pancreatic cancer. There is a lot of family drama and dealing with hospice. Then he got laid off from his job a month ago. At first, he was acting very angry and lashing out at me. More recently, he has gotten very subdued and seems completely defeated. I have suggested he seek counseling to discuss it with a professional if he didn’t want to confide in me. His brother has acknowledged that he has begun taking antidepressants to cope with all the anger/grief and suggested my husband needs to consider it too. He is not open to either counseling or medication. I really don’t know how I can help him at this point.

No matter what kind of socializing/networking/volunteering opportunities I come up with for him, he continues to retreat from everyone. I wish we could afford for him to take time off to deal with his mother’s impending death and settling of her estate, but that is not an option. I am doing everything I can to pick up the financial slack. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to help him?

Thank you in advance!