Husband’s disapproval over parenting (and everything)

My 7 year old was throwing a tantrum at breakfast because her four year old brother sat next to her. My husband asked me to get her to stop. I suggested she sit in another seat. She wanted only her seat, so I said she could move the chair, sit in it and eat breakfast with the bowl in her lap. She went for this and the screaming stopped and she ate breakfast. My husband was upset at how I handled it and thought I hadn’t taught an appropriate lesson. I was irritated because he asked me to help her stop screaming because it was bothering him. So I did. And the way I did it bothered him. This is a constant theme. He doesn’t want to do something, asks me to handle it (parenting, finances, dinner) and then doesn’t like how I do it. I’m sick of listening to criticism. I’ve been trying to brush this off and do thought work around it for years, but I’m kind of at the breaking point. I’m not sure there’s much I even like about him at this point. 8 years of being constantly criticized is really getting to me.