Husband’s Doctor Appointment (Resentful)

I need help with the R line in my model. My husband has a doctor’s appointment Friday afternoon that could last 4 to 5 hours. I am annoyed that he has the appointment Friday afternoon because that is during a time we usually have a lot of sales in the business we run together. I am resenting him for making the appointment on that day during those times. I feel like I am being petty about the situation, but that’s how I feel and if I am honest I resent all of his doctor’s appointments and feel like they are a waste of time. I blame him for not taking better care of himself because if he did we would not be going to these doctor’s appointments as much.

Here is the model:

C: Husband has a doctor’s appointment Friday at 12:30 pm
T: We are going to lose sales
F: Frustrated (maybe resentful, not sure)
A: Resent Jason, Blame him, Judge him, Act cold towards him, Think he is lazy, Ruminate about losing sales, Ruminate about what a waste of time it is
R: ?

I am just not sure what the result would be here. Thanks in advance for the help!