Husband’s health

Hi Brooke –

Do you consider healthcare statistics to be a circumstance? For example

C – husband eats the foods healthcare professionals have determined cause cancer
T – he could get sick / die early
F – angry, scared
A – yell at him to get his act together, try to force him into a healthy lifestyle
R – I’m a nag

…if your husband eats “unhealthy” – sugar, red meat, etc. … can you be upset that he might develop a disease and won’t be around long enough to see your kids grow up? How would you handle this situation? It doesn’t bother me if he wants to eat those foods (I get it, they’re delicious), but when I think about having to take care of him (choosing) if he gets sick and the toll it would take on our family…

Do I set boundaries around this? Is this a case where trying to change someone is a good thing or am I practicing wishful thinking? Thanks!