Husbands job opportunity

Circumstances- husband is seriously considering a job offer
Job is located where we have lived before. The climate is very cold. There are at least 6 snowy months. It has a small population. The nearest city is 3 hours. There is an almost nonexistent art scene. It’s 15 hours from family
The pay would be amazing. The hours would be nice. The schools are top notch. We have some friends there. I’m very happy where I now live. Husband has no job offer here after 9/18 , husband is looking for a job
This job really is great for him career wise.

T- I’m a horrible wife if I don’t get on board with the idea of moving back there

I talked to Suzy and we came up with
I want to want this
I could be wrong about living there again
It could be different.

The reason I’m writing in is that I don’t buy into these thoughts. I’m struggling to believe that it could be different (the climate ain’t changing, the location and distance to an airport ain’t changing and the lack of city life ain’t changing!)
Yes, I want to want it, but then what I really want is my husband to find another job and not take this one.
I know my thoughts have to change. please help me think of something I can believe.

My feeling now is frustration!
And my action is stewing in my thoughts.

Many thanks,
Lara (a new August student and long time podcast listener 😊)