Husbands project

Hi Brooke

My husband has a massive project on where the build will be in excess of $12 million. We don’t have the capital to complete the build so he will look for an investor. I have given $700k of my personal funds to the project but have decided that that’s the limit I am prepared to put in. This has created tension between us and I feel guilty and wonder if I should be more supportive and give more. I’ve worked really hard for my money and I’m investing it into our kids and their education. I feel it’s my husbands responsibility to get an investor as it’s his impossible goal and I believe he’s more than capable of doing it. But maybe I’m just being stubborn and selfish?I’ve done lots of models on me and on the project, here are 2 of them
C: project
T: I feel guilty not giving more, not sure I’ve done the right thing, maybe I should just give it to him, maybe I should support him more.
F: guilt, confusion, worry
A: sit with those yuck feelings and try to get a clear picture.
R: feel awful and unsure

C: project
T: I have put enough of my capital in, now it’s husbands turn, he can totally do this, it’s his chance to shine
A: stand back and allow him to fret, worry or do whatever he needs to do to be all in, to grow and stretch (yes it might be painful) with this project and nail it.
R: stay true to what I believe and support him where I can.

It’s so tricky, I feel like I’m cutting him adrift but in some ways I think I need to, for his sake.
Any advice so appreciated, many thanks Bridget