Husband’s support

Hi Brooke,

I have been listening and doing SCS for a while now. I decided I was going to go through coach training, even though I think I do not have the money to right now. I did the thought work and went to the bank and was approved for a small business loan. I am not worried or stressed about it. However, when I discussed everything with my husband, he is supportive of me becoming a coach but doesn’t want me to take out a loan for the training. He thinks I should wait and try to save or build my business up and then use the money for training. Basically, earn the money through the business first, then spend it. We have talked about it countless amounts of times and are at a standstill about the whole thing. I know this is the school I want, and eventually will go, but I do not want to wait. He wants me to wait. I want his full support for it but I am not sure that is going to happen. I know if I wait, it’s not bad, or wrong, or right, but I keep looping on the thoughts of not going and waiting. What is the point of waiting if I just put it off another year?