Husband’s terrible business ideas pt 2

Thank you for the question… I asked myself why I am so afraid of him pursuing what I consider is a “terrible business idea.” Part of it is because I don’t want to be with someone who is an unsuccessful struggling entrepreneur. I see my role in the family as the main person who takes care of the kids (I do 90% of the childcare and work part-time). So I believe that it is his role to bring in most of the income. If he goes into entrepreneurship and doesn’t bring in any money, I think he’s not pulling his weight in our partnership, and I would lose respect for him.

C. Husband looking into potential business opportunity
T. I don’t think he’s pulling his weight if he doesn’t bring in a stable paycheck every month.
F. Judgmental
A. Do everything I can to convince him his ideas are terrible
Kick a fuss if I think he is trying to leave his job
Don’t want him interfering with my ‘turf’ (ie. kids / child rearing)
Get annoyed if I feel he is questioning my parenting methods
Believe I’m doing everything I can for the family up to 100% capacity but he’s clearly not because he’s wasting time thinking about stupid business ideas
R. I don’t pull my weight as a wife…?

I know I’m being extremely unsupportive but I feel like it’s a bridge too far right now to actually be interested / excited about his business ideas. I was actually attracted to him initially because he is much more optimistic and go-getting than I am in terms of pursuing alternative paths. But now that we’re married and kids are involved, I feel so much fear of him upsetting the delicate balance of my life that I worked so hard to achieve over the past 3 years.