Husband’s terrible business ideas

My husband works in a stable job in consulting. He was working in a large startup before, which I didn’t really appreciate the culture of. I’m really happy that he got this job in consulting but he doesn’t like it and constantly thinks of business ideas to start with his friends so he could go into entrepreneurship. While on some level I say I support his decision, I realized I’m quite fearful of him leaving what I consider a “good” job into the unknown. A large part of it is because I think he is misguided and doesn’t know how to tell a good business idea from a bad one. I believe I know more than him because my previous job used to be evaluating startups for investment.

C: Husband looking into potential business opportunity
T: I don’t want him to quit his job for some stupid harebrained idea
F: Fear
A: Try to make him see why his idea is terrible by poking holes in it (something I’m trained to do)
Always discuss how his friends are not the right people to execute the idea and how they will never raise venture capital money
Ask about how the idea is progressing but always find ways to come back to how it is terrible
Think he is wrong and misguided / overly optimistic
Distrust his sense of judgment
R: .. not too sure. I know we are disconnecting on some level because of this.

I want to get to a state where I can love him for who he is without always needing to PROVE HIM WRONG and/or needing him to stay in a job that I approve of. I recognize a lot of the issue comes from how I think I am right and my judgement is better than his (but.. what if it is?)
I also know I have a manual about how he -should- work in a large stable company, because that’s what my father did for my family, and I think that’s what a “man” should do. Any thoughts… help.