Husband’s tics

My husband that I love more than anything has for a few years, tics.

It used to be blinking, then it passed a bit and now it’s something with his mouth. I know that he’s feeling stressed and that talking about it makes it even worse!

I know how I want to show up: I’m supportive, trying not to focus on this, I really love him and I asked him and this is how I can help him.

But still… I really don’t like these tics! I know that it’s not my choice to like them but it’s annoying me because I also know that he’s not allowing his emotions of stress (he’s very receptive to our conversations about personal development!) but still, sometimes, I need to get out of the room not to be annoyed by those tics.

Can you guide me please? After thought downloads and tons of models, I’m not sure where to go from here!

Thank you SO MUCH!