Husbands working situation (1)

Hi Brooke, I have a hard time figuring out, how to deal with my husbands working situation meaning how to help him to clear his mind about it and find new ways to think about it.
(1) At his company (a bank) they have implemented some new structures for their stuff and try to add new features for the working routine. They have to do all that, because the bosses say so (apparently, there is no other way – they don´t allow a different opinion, whether is´t good for the company or not). In some of the departments this makes sense, in others it´s making things worst (slows down the working process and more). Which is the case with my husbands department. He doesn´t know how to deal with this, because it doesn´t help the bank, it´s making things worst. He thinks he should be loyal to the bank and that everything he does should improve and help the bank. And now he has to see, that in a lot of areas the new working processes make things worst for the bank, meaning in the long run, it will probably hurt them. What could he do or try to change in his thinking, that he doesn´t have the feeling, that his situation is hopeless? I would love to hear some of your ideas. Thanks in advance!