HW: Main focus for April

One goal I have is to limit my work to five hours a day five days per week. Eventually I’d like it to be make twice as much as I currently make in five hours five days per week. I believe it’s possible and I can make changes over time to get there. My compelling reason for constraining my work time is so I can take time to be healthier (more rest, better nutrition, daily exercise), have better relationships with children/husband, time for personal growth. I have a lot going on in my personal life (wedding 5/6, merging households, successful transition for self/kids/husband of new marriage). For this reason, I’m hesitant to pick the goal of earning double in five hours a day for this month. But I know you say decide a huge goal. I am not exactly sure how many hours a week I work now. Sometimes I take off time to travel and sometimes it seems all I do is work. Multitasking and switching tasks and other bad habits may contribute, but I do get an awful lot done and already make good money. The problem is balance. Can I have permission to just have the goal of constraining work time and making same amount as a step? It sort of feels like a cop out. Maybe I am avoiding the risk of succeeding but in reality I need time to get other things done this month.