Hyper Friend

My long-time friend recently moved 3+ hours away, quite suddenly. She has started contacting me every day trying to make plans to get together for multiple separate visits in the future. I enjoy being her friend, but I don’t want to have to put time and effort into the time and travel to go see her or accommodate her staying here with us for multiple days just because she made the decision to move. I feel guilty about this — I am thinking that I can control her feelings, and if I don’t agree to all these requests to make plans, she will be sad (which I don’t want).

Additionally, I disagree with her reasons for moving and wonder if this is fueling my hesitancy to make plans to hang out. I feel like I know her well, and believe she is not going to be happy with her decision long-term. Her very frequent communication (about making plans or other stuff) just seems like evidence to me that she’s already not happy having moved there. I’m starting to get resentful, even though I know it’s my responsibility to just say no or say how I feel directly.
How can I act from a place of love and also do what I want in this situation, without feeling guilty??