Hi Brooke- last year I went to a weight loss hypnotist. I lost about 25lbs. in 3 months and was doing very well. I was going to a prayer group and the woman told me that I opened myself up to demonic influences. A few weeks later my daughter had a miscarriage and I was diagnosed with kidney cancer (that was found incidentally). I felt like this was all my fault because I went to hypnosis. I was 49 years old, a Christian and had a lot of faith. I prayed a prayer that broke any hypnosis over my mind because of what I was told. I had surgery in February. The doctor said it was a miracle that the tumor was found so small and no chemo or radiation was needed. I was certainly blessed. However, I would be lying to say all of this didn’t mess with my mind. I have felt so much guilt over my daughter’s miscariage that I believe I intentionally gained back all of the weight I lost, as if to punish myself. My daughter got pregnant soon after and is due to have my second grandson next month. I joined scholars in September for weight loss. I have been struggling to stay on my no flour or sugar protcol this week after having an 8 lb weight loss since starting Sept 1. I feel like I have a history of sabatoging my weight loss efforts. Any guidance would be much appreciated.