Hypocrite at parties for no sugar no flour

So I’ve lost 70 pounds so far, have another 5-10 to lose.

I have this thing where when I’m at a party or gathering of people, especially those I’ve not seen in a while because of COVID stuff/general non-seeing of the people, they, of course, notice a nice 70 pounds missing from my body. They are typically shocked, excited, happy for me, and then the typical “how did you do it?!?!” questions ensue.

I usually will keep it pretty general because who really cares anyway, unless it’s a person I’m relatively close with, I’ll go a little deeper and tell them I feel my feelings instead of eating them.

My go-to response is that I don’t eat sugar or flour and I leave it at that.

The drama comes when it’s a party that I know will have a special dessert made by a family member or something I like, and it’s something I specifically put in my 24-hour plan as an exception to eat the cake at the party let’s say.

I feel like a hypocrite when I have conversations with these people about no sugar no flour, then later in the party, they might see me eating cake and be like wtf? I thought you said you didn’t eat sugar or flour?

I recognize I’m totally projecting my thoughts onto those people.

They’ll think I’m a hypocrite. (and therefore, a bad person.) (She’s a joke. I can’t take her seriously now.)
They’ll think I’m weak.
They’ll think I’m lying about the no sugar no flour thing.
They’ll think I’m cheating on my “diet”.
They’ll think well if Morgan can lose 70 pounds (mostly) not eating sugar or flour, and she can cheat on her diet and still lose 70 pounds, I can go and cheat on my diet and also lose a bunch of weight.
She can’t handle herself around cake.

So then ultimately I don’t enjoy my damn cake without judging myself, or I just don’t plan the exception at the party for fear of being judged, and I don’t get to eat enjoy the cake at all, I just skip it entirely and act my way out of the drama in my head.

It’s mostly just the fear of being judged.

I also considered not telling them the no sugar no flour and just telling them something different, then if they see me eating cake, I’m not a hypocrite (even though I made that story up in my head.)

If I rewrote the story, it would sound something like this, “I learned how to manage my mind and life around food so that I’m in control of what I eat and when and how much, and I can enjoy things without guilt, shame, or over-indulging.” Who CARES if they judge me. They’re doing it anyway, and I actually have no idea if they’re thinking wow she’s awesome or omg she’s such a hypocrite. They could think those things depending on whatever the hell else I tell them, it has everything to do with them.

Please help me understand what’s going on in my head here coaches!